Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ELECTION 2008: Kentucky in...

And Hillary won it. Not surprised. Strange watching CNN -- as they were giving us numbers long before the polls closed. In fact, we had 13% in when the polls closed at 7pm. The split? 49-48? Apparently Louisville went for Obama.

Oregon will go Obama, and he will probably be able to clench the nomination by the end of next week.

Oh... one interesting question floating out there: How did Hillary becoming a working class hero???

And another interesting question: Why hasn't Obama been able to clench the nomination outright, if he is so presumptive?

And why were they able to call Clinton so quick, but they're still "processing results" for John McCain? Wouldn't it be funny if Huckabee or Paul pulls off a really random win at this point. Huckabee, btw, who is now gunning for the VP spot (well, not gunning, but the whispers are beginning, and people are saying it makes the most sense).

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