Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OHIO/CINNKY: Jerry Springer, the Opera, Take 2

Follow up to blog post about New Stage Collective's presentation of Jerry Springer: The Opera.

I am on darling Penny Tration's listserv -- which always serves as an exciting and wonderful reminder of what's going on in the world of gay Cincinnati -- and she informs me that her partner is the lead role in the play!!!!! :-) So you know, definitely, that I will be watching for him!!! (He's made darling Penny so so happy; I've known her for many many years, and it makes me glad to know that she's this happy. Through everything else, and I'm sure she's 100% aware of what's gone on, she's been wonderful to me and truly dear. There is so much grand and good karma that I wish upon her.)

Anyways, I have been informed that there will be an after-party after the premiere on June 26th @ Below Zero, at approximately 1030pm. Now, I have been judgmental about Below Zero in the past, as I had not been there. I will say this, now that I have visited: it is a very nice bar. I did not get a sense of the crowd as it was last call when AM and I walked in, but it was a very nicely laid out bar. And I was very happy to see some friendly and wonderful faces working there. I had a great time, the 30 minutes I was there. I'm sure I will have a great time there after the opening of the show.

To check out the show and purchase your tickets -- Penny is trying to get the show sold out at the premiere, which should not be difficult -- go here, they are $21. There are no assigned seats.

PS I just noticed that my tag for the company, New Stage Collective, is "New Stage Collection. Hrm. Fixed!

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Michi said...

ooooh! i want to go while Im in town! xxx