Tuesday, May 13, 2008


It's been a while since I've posted one of these, but this happened twice in the same place over a two day period. To protect confidentiality, I've got to classify who said them.

1) One of our nurses was dancing, and someone said "why he's dancing like a fag over there." First of all, I wish the guy was gay -- he's cute. Second of all, how does a fag dance? (HA! That's a silly question.) But, I called them out and they apologized.

2) Someone was referring to the "girls" downtown -- the joke is that the working girls downtown don't look all that good, but the "girls" look damn hot; it was later explained to me that the "girls" have to try to look female to create the illusion and get work, unlike the girls who don't have to try so hard. Anyways, the person kept referring to the "girls" as "fags." Repeatedly. I explained that, personally, I find the word insulting, and she apologized and changed her wording. Of course, me writing "girls" may not be much better... it is, after all, their gender expression. (There's a whole blog about gender expression and the search for trans-identity there, but I'm tired this morning)

Anyways, the latest in many many fag posts.

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