Thursday, May 22, 2008

OHIO/CINNKY: East Price Hill Improvement Association

Found another great organization that's working to better "EPH" -- East Price Hill, which is approximately where I live. It's a booster organization, and I think I plan to attend (and join) their monthly membership meeting on the 16th of June, as it is less than three blocks from my house.

The word on the street -- that is, from Neighbor Lady with Ivy -- that the group was organized by the development firm that is planning Incline Square, blogged here. And this is in addition to Price Hill Will.


Anonymous said...

EPHIA has been around for years, long before the City Lights company came forward to develop the Incline Square. It's a good organization to join if you would like to keep up on recent events and give input on neighborhood issues.

Barry Floore said...

Thanks so much for the update!!!