Friday, January 9, 2009

Cincinnati is... cool?

Picture from the article below

I got added by a new queer "citizen columnist" out of Chicago on twitter, @ChicagoCarless, and so I migrated over to his blog when he pointed out that he had "reviewed" our fair city late last year.

:-) This is what he had to say (in brief):
Arriving home in the Windy City, the Loop felt positively enormous after three days in Cincinnati. Yet the Queen City still loomed large in my mind. It still does. Two weeks of wondering, and I think I’ve hit on why. Despite the unrealized potential of the place–including the potential for locals to realize how good they really have it (and in this, Chicago and Cincinnati share a similarly misplaced civic modesty)–unlike other, far more time- and budget-ravaged rust belt cities, in Cincinnati the potential is pungent and palpable, not limping on life support.

In the end, I think those upstart Internet impresarios Matt and Leah have a point. Change happens thanks to thoughtful souls brave enough to believe in the fortune cookie of potential. When these two finally smash it open, I have no doubt in their case the slip of paper within will read in big, block letters, “CINCINNATI IS COOL!”

And in small print on the flipside, “Who knew?”
You know, I'm a huge Cincinnati rocks type of girl, so I'm glad to see that even the big city girls love our fair town. It's a long article, but totally worth the read.

I have to say that, cruising downtown in the middle of the day, or going to a Fountain Square movie, I have to agree that it seems our fair town seems to be making quite the comeback and not as brutally harmed as the naysayers would have us believe. Watching the news, or even working in the Emergency Department like I do, it is too easy to believe that Cincinnati is a cess pool of murder and dilapidation. Every time I go downtown, though, I'm impressed by the amount of people out and enjoying their city. It's been quite the breath of fresh air over the last year.

I'm glad I waited it out, rather than leaving at three years as was my plan.

PS The aforementioned blog, ChicagoCarless, will be blogrolled soon :-).

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