Monday, January 5, 2009

Election 2008 finally over (mostly)

The Minnesota state canvassing board has certified Al Franken as the newest Senator from that state by a margin of something like 215 or 225 votes... out of 2.9million.

It's like winning the presidency on a basis of 2000 or so votes, but smaller.

Congratulations, Senator Franken.

Norm Coleman, of course, is going to sue his tail of, but I think it's done. This is the last outstanding (major) election that we were waiting on in the 2008 election. The others -- Colorado Senate, New York Senate, etc. etc. etc. -- were not election results.

And so, finally, the 2008 election is over.

Kind of a bitch, isn't it? They wanted a filibuster proof Senate -- 60 seats for the Dems -- and they got... 59. Regardless, there's lots of play room. Lieberman often votes across the aisle, as do several southern Dems, while people like Olympia Snowe tend to be a lot more liberal Republican. It's imperfect, but, even if they had 60, it would be rare they could enact a filibuster block.

And for those who are pumped, here is the map for the Senate elections of 2010 from ... that is, these are the ones up for grabs. Color indicates strength of the party to win. Dark red means really likely Republican win, for example.

I know you're all breathless with antici...pation.

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