Thursday, January 8, 2009

Election 2010: Preview Follow-Up

Yesterday, I discussed the 2010 Ohio Senatorial race that would involve George Voinovich's run for his third term.

However, reports from... of all places... AOL News are saying that Voinovich may still retire, joining Missouri Senator Kit Bond. This is fun because that makes three huge swing state Senatorial seats open: Missouri, Ohio, and Florida. Though Voinovich started off the 111th Congress pretty strong this week.

Told you it may be a fun election.

PS Please note that last link. It's Matt Hurley's Red County (Butler County, OH) blog. It's a local conservative Republican blogger. Honestly, outside of the Hamilton County GOP blog, I was not aware of many others. I'll blog roll it tomorrow. It's always good to start following your enemies. :-)

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