Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fight Gearing Up in Cleveland

Over the recently passed DP Benefits. Mainly from pastors it seems. *SIGH*

From the Plain Dealer...

Several local pastors have banded together in an effort to repeal Cleveland's recently passed domestic-partner registry.

A group led by the Rev. C. Jay Matthews of Mount Sinai Baptist Church is circulating two types of petitions, one of which could put a referendum on the controversial issue on a citywide ballot.

At a Tuesday news conference at his church, Matthews cast the registry as a sneaky maneuver by the City Council to circumvent the 2004 constitutional amendment that banned gay-marriage and civil unions in Ohio.


Are we ready to bring the gay rights fight to Ohio and win, you think?

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Not Important said...

Can't they just shut the hell up? WTF have the meaux ever done to them?