Saturday, January 3, 2009

John Travolta's Gay Lover

Many heartfelt apologies to the Travolta family, who recently lost their son when he had a seizure in the bathroom of their Bahamanian hotel bathroom and he hit his head. It really is an awful, awful situation.

It's awful that the child seems to have been an untreated autistic with a seizure disorder because treatment went against Travolta's religion of scientology, which is a scandal in and of itself.

But how about the fact that, as Gawker reports, he seems to have been found and cared for by Travolta's gay lover...
Did Travolta hire his unqualified gay lover to care for an ill child, who then died on the faux nanny's watch? If so, you won't read about it in the trashiest of Internet tabloids.

A story on the death of John Travolta's 16-year-old son, Jett, mentioned that he was found by family nanny Jeff Kathrein — but it didn't run a famous picture of Travolta kissing Kathrein.

In 2006, Kathrein and Travolta were caught by paparazzi locking lips. The Travolta camp's official explanation: Why, John kisses everyone like that! But in the wake of a teenager's death, no one stopped to ask who the man who found him dead is, and what his relationship was to the kid's father.
And here's the picture (from the same article):

It seems like a really flimsy connection to say that they are gay together, but there have been rumors persisting about Travolta and others for years. The Gawker article goes on to talk about how Scientology forces gay men into the closet, into marriages, as a way of "dealing" with it.

I love a juicy gay outing. This one, though, is kinda twisted.

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Rick said...

The photo means nothing. Men kiss close friends/family all the time. Homophobic.