Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mini-Campaign against CCV

Most people are aware of CCV -- Citizens for Community Values -- the tremendously powerful and wealthy conservative organization out of Sharonville led by Phil Burress that has done things like had CityBeat remove Savage Love from its pages. wants to lead a crusade, a public shaming campaign against the organization, starting off by having people contact the CINTAS center to block CCV from holding their annual meeting their.

I think it's a fabulous idea. For full information, check out the blog post here:
On April 21, 2009, the CCV will be holding their “2009 Annual Spring Partnership Banquet” (Which is basically a FUNDRAISER and in the past Linder has footed the bill.) at Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio. (Which incidentally a few CCV Board members teach at and are alumni of)

The CCV is the most dangerous group in Ohio to the well being of the GLBT Community. They sit quietly in the background and raise huge amounts of money that they use against. We MUST ALWAYS be on guard against them and we MUST bring their BIGOTRY to light and those who are associated with them.

I propose a PUBLIC SHAME Campaign to show people exactly what the CCV stands for and to OUT those who are associated with them.

We can start by publicly SHAMING them and all associatted with them.
First step, they propose, is to make sure you send a note to Jim Tracey, Ops Director @ CINTAS Center at this address:
Mr. Jim Tracey
Director of Operations
Phone: 513 745-3893
Fax: 513 745-3905
Curious, of course, that there's a Xavier connection to CCV, considering...

I'll keep you posted, of course. :-)

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