Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blacks and gays...

On this morning. Popped in, this is what I found...
A_One_Night_Stand:I dont like niggers sorry
Marinecincinnati2009:Hey just to jump in I have never dated a black guy but I would I dont see nothing wrong with itat all
cincinnatigoat:WOW and the truth comes out
JAD221:hit the road
JAD221:you are a hater
JAD221:pure and simple
A_One_Night_Stand:Wont you go down to simons and get ya a nigger
drewbalz:he's no hater
A_One_Night_Stand:thats all you can get
A_One_Night_Stand: is a nigger
drewbalz:he's a racis pig
Marinecincinnati2009:And I love our President
Me:i just moved back to this and this is ABSURD
JAD221:syop the bus
A_One_Night_Stand:Id never vote for a nigger
Me:get OFF the bus, faggot
cincinnatigoat:ALWAYS support
NiceGuyHere25:anyone in to making some cash
A_One_Night_Stand:and I didnt
Marinecincinnati2009:I have meet him in person great guy
JAD221:well look at his pic bell
Me:you don't belong here
A_One_Night_Stand:What the nigger
JAD221:when yousee him out go the other way
JAD221:don't talk that shit around me stand
JAD221:you will not win
A_One_Night_Stand:Look...I have a right to my opinion too
JAD221:i suggest you quit now and go sleep it off
Me:you have the right to hate
A_One_Night_Stand:I dont like niggers...blacks are fine
Me:now shut the fuck up and go away
cincinnatigoat:SO anyone have a good night tonight?
A_One_Night_Stand:Fuck you
A_One_Night_Stand:Ass wipe
Marinecincinnati2009:Cincinnati I have
JAD221:i always do goat
cincinnatigoat:sweet me too
cincinnatigoat:nice to hear JAD
LonelyGuyAB:hi guys
A_One_Night_Stand:Its called ignore...use it fuckwad
So that's Cincinnati at 230 in the morning. Yea. Welcome to the Midwest. I guess it's still better than the south.


Jere Keys said...

My roommate would say, "Don't kid yourself, the only difference between Cincinnati and 'the Dirty South' is a river. You don't live this close to the Mason-Dixon and get to claim northern enlightenment."

He's not a fan of Cinci's track record on race since the days of the underground railroad.

Anonymous said...

I would only guess you'd find racist's like that everywhere.Including California, new york and points in between.I'm sure that guy was a drunk lonely bitter old queen

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

I think that Stand was stood up or "dissed" by a Black guy that evening and took out his frustrations in the chat room. There are racist people out there, no doubt, but I think we should chalk this rant up to a jaded/horny boi.

Wonder Man said...

That's sad but the reality

Dan said...

The ass depicted in your transcript has been ignored by me for months. I'm glad I can't see what he types on and I frankly do not get it but agree with the comments.