Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Equal Marriage Updates

I need, like, a central map that charts everything that is happening in the world of equal marriage -- status of current bills, news items, etc. etc. etc.
  • Maine, in the wake of the introduction of an equal marriage bill, has a new anti-gay website launched called the Maine Marriage Initiative, which states that "marriages should be strengthened, no redefined." Like New Hampshire, Maine is an odd New England state that has the propensity to swing towards conservative values while still being pretty solidly Dem. I'm curious to see how this one will turn out -- Vermont, as well, I think is in the same boat.
  • North Carolina is also dealing with a new anti-equal marriage campaign, as fundies have targeted the state to create a DOMA -- as it is the last southern state without one. Their creative byline? "One Man. One Woman. That's Marriage." Uh-huh. Except in six countries and two states.
  • On the good side, Illinois had an equal marriage bill introduced. What I think is so amazing to me is that we're starting to see the tide turn for no other reason than we are seeing pro-same sex marriage initiatives launched, as opposed to the plethora of anti- bills we have seen go up in the past. Of course, this one is being proposed by a gay state Representative, so I'm sure it will be billed as "special interest."
  • Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith has closed the discussion: New York State will not bring up gay marriage this year. Despite his support, despite the Assembly passing the bill, despite Gov. Paterson promising to sign it (and despite probably public opinion in favor of it, I believe)... apparently it's just too much of an issue to bother with this year. My concern at this point: we see a huge conservative swing in 2010 and there goes any hope for it. But, as you know, no one listens to me on these things.
  • Despite their otherwise weirdness on all things homo these days, Wyoming legislators rejected the opportunity to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot banning same-sex marriage. I'm really confused by the Rocky Mountain States. Singing Katy Perry: You're hot, then you're cold, you're yes then you're no...
  • Speaking of weird Rocky Mountain states, the home of Rep. Musgrove who wrote the Federal Marriage Amendment is having an equal marriage legislation brought before it... by a straight couple. It's nice when other people do our work for us. But, seriously, thanks to the amazing allies who stepped up to the cause and will, probably, do more for it than we could ourselves. We'd get in a tizzy over the language.
  • Speaking of amazing allies... on the homefront, our own Dean of Cincinnati, the publisher of the Cincinnati Beacon asks: "Why can't I solemnize gay marriage?" Good question -- and on the front page of the website!!! -- and thanks to our local friends and supporters for everything they do to advance the cause. (The comments are just priceless, btw.)

I just had an idea. Hrm. I need to make a phone call to the HRC, and stat.

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