Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Southern Voice Going Under

Atlanta based gay newspaper, Southern Voice, has its future in question, with its recent federal takeover of its assets.

I was going to try to quote the article, but it's a lot of technical stuff, and I couldn't abbreviate it enough for it to really match up and make sense. I would have to copy the whole article. My own real concern over it is that the Southern Voice has been featured on this site a few times and it is one of the few gay papers in the country that actually has a genuine focus on queers of color.

I hope it sticks around.

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Jere Keys said...

It's not just the Southern Voice. The Washington Blade (one of the top 5 queer papers in the country), Genre magazine, and NYC's HX and New York Blade are in trouble as well. The corporate trust fund with signifcant ownership is bankrupt and the government is selling off it's assets to pay off debts. As I understand it, it means that if they can't find someone to buy the publications, the businesses themselves will be shut down and their assets sold to pay off debts. One of the downsides of taking a pop-and-pop local queer rag corporate.