Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gay marriage... no, divorce... no, civil unions...

Three bits of news coming out in the last 24 hours about gay marriage:
  • Vermont's gay marriage bill looks likely to pass. The House version seems to have something like 59 cosponsors, none Republican, though a few of them saying they plan to vote for it. So, of course, the Democrats are going to ruin it for everyone, per the Democratic Speaker of the House: "We're still trying to decide whether it's something that we would do this year." Thanks, guys. We have huge support, but, you know, we might still wait.
  • You still cannot get married in New Jersey, but you can get divorced. You'll remember that Texas, at one point, refused to honor a gay divorce because then it is acknowledging the relationship. State Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson informs us that the state has always acknowledged out of state marriages without honoring them itself, so the precedent at this point is unknown. Meanwhile, it is likely that a gay marriage bill will come up in the legislature of New Jersey, which Gov. Corzine has said he will support if it comes to his desk. Yes, that is, in fact a link to the Baptist Press. It's actually a really good article, good coverage.
  • In bizarre news, Republican Gov. Huntsman of UTAH has come out in support of civil unions in that state -- this on the back of the legislature, one by one, knocking down pro-LGBT bills (incl. employment protections, I believe).
There, do you feel updated now? I know I feel better. Done my good gay duty for the day :-).

Oh, I don't really follow adoption as much, but the Florida Bar has come out against that state's ban on adoption.


Jere Keys said...

"this on the back of the legislature, one by one, knocking down pro-LGBT bills (incl. employment protections, I believe)."

Not yet. Of the five bills, 1 has been defeated in committee, 1 has been withdrawn. 3 remain.

Barry Floore said...

Darling, I'm just a pretty face. Don't bore me with details :-).

Why are you awake? Do you ever sleep?

Jere Keys said...

Unless I have a job that requires me to get up, I gravitate towards a nocturnal schedule. But if I actually work graveyard, I'm a wreck. I'll fall asleep in about an hour and wake up around 2pm.