Sunday, February 1, 2009

Who's the Hottest Freshman Congressman?

The latest thing making the gay blog rounds is a poll over at Huffington Post asking who the hottest freshman Congressman is. The reason it's making the gay rounds is become Jared Polis (D-CO), the first openly gay freshman congressperson, is on the list (that is, he is the only person to be openly gay while being elected for the first time to the US House... everyone else came out after they were elected their first time -- baby steps, kids LOL).

I feel like I should vote for Jared Polis for solidarity reasons, but have you seen the Republican boy Aaron Schock???

Oh, honey, tell me about trickle down economics all night long.

Seriously, I have several questions that I'd like answers to.

Then we can talk about Reagan.

No joke. I'm just saying. I'm sure he would be interested.

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Anonymous said...

Never a girlfriend in sight; suppose it's possible he could be for you. But the congressional district he reps is very conservative - but there are conservative gays so who knows?