Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Call for California Vote Growing for 2010

The call to take Proposition 8 back to the voters in California in 2010 -- not 2012 -- is getting louder. A lot has been made of Gavin Newsom's decision to run for Governor of the state, but you can't beat him when it comes to simplicity of the message:

"The right time is now," San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom told ABC News. "And if that means going back in 2010, I couldn't be more supportive."

"Wait almost always means never," he added, invoking Martin Luther King Jr.
Fabulous. As to the mistakes that were made last time around, new leaders have emerged that are already planning changes (from the same story):

"People are not going to let the people who ran the last campaign run this campaign," Rick Jacobs [of the Courage Campaign] said.

To address voter concerns about the impact that state-sanctioned gay marriage could have on religious institutions, the Courage Campaign is considering possible ballot language that would guarantee the right of any two unrelated consenting adults to marry, while simultaneously stating that churches have a right to decide for themselves whom to marry...

To make its campaign more personal and accessible, the Courage Campaign has convened workshops around the state to teach activists to "tell their story" about why same-sex marriage is important to them...

In addition to wanting to improve outreach to African-Americans, Jacobs is convinced that the "No on Prop. 8" campaign erred by not showing gays or lesbians in any of its ads.

"There were no pictures of gay people. The ads were all about fairness," Jacobs said. "This time, we're going to make it clear you're talking about real people."
Not bad -- exciting to hear, although I can't help but feel a wee bit of disappointment that Ohio won't be the first state to, per the voters, overturn a Defense of Marriage Act in 2012...

...which, increasingly, is a goal I'm thinking we should take on.
All three of the people running for the Democratic nod in the 2010 gubernatorial -- Newsom, CA AG Jerry Brown, and LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa -- are supporters of same-sex marriage.

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