Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Community Passing

If you did not hear all ready, a pillar of Cincinnati's LGBTQ community has passed from us. June Delph, long time supporter of organizations like PFLAG and the Greater Cincinnati LGBT News, passed last night around 8:00pm, surrounded by family, much as she would have liked.

I did not know June Delph, but I know her mark on the community. Months ago, I thought it was funny when I realized the mural, on the picture attached here, was on the side of the building where I reside and I realized, "I was meant to live here." The Delphs have been fierce donors to great causes in the city, giving time, money, energy, and enthusiasm with a passion and single-mindedness towards equality, love, and hope. From everything I knew of her, she was an inspiration. I know PFLAG, for one, will be sorely lacking for her passing. She and her husband were regulars at the meetings, giving comfort and support.

Bless her, and bless all parents who mark their own child's lives through love and dedication to others.

From the ISQCCBE mailer today:
We are writing to let you all know that our Dear June passed away at 8:00 last night. She was at home and surrounded by her adoring family. A memorial service will be held for her at 2:00 on Tuesday, July 7 at the Norman Chapel, Spring Grove Cemetery. June would love as many Court members as possible to attend and remember her "in face." She loved each and every one of you. Of course, you are all welcome no matter what you decide to wear.
Truly a touching story, truly an amazing woman. I did not know her, but it is hard to be in the know in the city, or even to be gay in the city, and not feel the amazing and wonderful effects this woman had on my life.

I wish I had known her, at all.

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Michael Chanak Jr said...

Nice tribute. Good people the Delphs.