Thursday, July 9, 2009


I watched it on HULU after a huge response on Twitter after it premiered this past Spring, but then it got pushed aside for new episodes into the Fall and I nearly cried.

How could they tease us with a halfway decent show and then strip us of a follow up?

Because it's on FOX.

That's ok, here' the preview for the next season and I am positively GIDDY with the upcoming season!

And for those who have not checked it out yet, here is the entire Hulu archive of GLEE footage and the Pilot.... which, I just discovered, I could embed:

I actually have to give a nod to, of all places, ManhuntDaily -- Manhunt, which despite its operator's support of John McCain in 2008 and provides for the sexual outlet of innumerable gay boys in the world, runs a damned good blog... so much so it's been blogrolled.

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