Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Thoughts For Today

Guys online are flakey as hell. Including me. It comes with the territory.

I think I'm missing something about everyone's excitement over the Matthew Shepard Act. -- WIN or FAIL

Don't ever write a check your ass can't cash. TRUST.

I need to be more victorious in my awesome responsibilities. (Thank you, David Krikorian, for the most amazing personal mantra ever.)

I really need to start spellchecking and/or editing and/or reading my blogs before they post.

I think the best description of depression is this: You're more upset that you are depressed over everyone else, rather than being upset by anything in particular.

DiGiornio pizza is amazing. Better cold, though. Great drunk food.

People will find anything and anyhow to get high -- witness the growing fad, "Butt Hash." (not for the faint of stomach)

Social media websites that don't have an effective layout for mobile web are stupid.

I am overwhelmed by the greatness of the people around me, and constantly strive to live up to the person my friends believe/want me to be.

The chronically ill are simultaneously the strongest and weakest people in the world.

I have blogger envy. It's something like penis envy, but I have a blog.

Follow Friday (#FF) on Twitter is annoying to me -- so many to pimp, so few characters! (Meanwhile, I got to my 1000th follower -- WOW!).

Tried watching Borat again. Turned it off 20 minutes in. I remember it being better than that.

Meanwhile, Sweeney Todd was just as good, if not better, than I remember.

Slowly but surely, I'm becoming obsessed with old school musicals. I am listening to Barbara Streisand as I write this.


Quimbob said...

"I really need to start spellchecking and/or editing and/or reading my blogs before they post."
Ever notice the errors are more noticeable in the display font than in the editing font ?

"DiGiornio pizza is amazing. Better cold, though."
Seriously ? I do like it semi cooked so the center is still kinda icy.

The Seeker said...

Oh musicals! Mary Beth and I are going to have a broadway musical marathon sometime, and once we get an apartment in Clifton we're soooo hanging a "BROADWAY" sign in front of our place. haha

Saw some Barabara musicals at Best Buy yesterday and both of us spazzed!