Monday, July 6, 2009

Equal Marriage in DC Starts Tomorrow

The Washington Post is reporting that the District of Columbia will begin recognizing out of district same-sex marriages at 12:01a.m. (Weird time for municipal acknowledgement; the only thing that would really matter, at that point, is emergency services... arguably, some of the more important services.) The Post also provides an excellent FAQ on the new rules, including an emphasis that you cannot get married in DC, California marriages will be recognized, and it still does not cover the federal benefits of marriage.

Enactment has been overshadowed recently by Marion "I'm a moral leader" Barry allegedly stalking his girlfriend. Man, clean up the act if you want anyone to take you seriously. But, I guess the question that goes unanswered is: Who the hell is voting for that man? I wonder if he'll be back next go round?

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