Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Ten on Tuesday is a feature I run, well, whenever I feel like it. I post ten things on various subjects and invite you -- fellow bloggers and friends -- to post as well on the same topic. This week, I'm feeling a little bit of love for this city we call home, and so...

Ten Places You Take People When They Come Into Town
1. Any Local Festival -- What else are you going to do with your friends except drink and eat and watch some amazing entertainment?
2. City Parks -- We have a lot of them, and they are, by far, some of the most amazing I have ever been in. Mt. Echo, Mt. Adams, Devue, even Burnet Woods -- all with views and neat little hideaways to enjoy nature amidst the city's sounds.
3. For Chili -- I'm actually a little bit of a Gold Star man, myself, but I've had far more positive reviews with Camp Washington and Skyline.
4. To Newport on the Levee -- You may crucify me now, if you so desire, but it's nice to sit in the Barnes & Noble porch and look at the skyline of the city over the river. That, and a movie is alwasy the safe bet when taking guests out.
5. To the Top of Carew Tower -- Because you kinda have to, don't you? I mean, it's a requirement, to take them to one of the highest points with an observation deck.
6. My House -- But that's a different type of guest.
7. Scenic Home Tour -- Through Northside, Clifton, Avondale, Covington, Over-the-Rhine, and Price Hill. I absolutely love the housing stock, and I think it's something to be adored and amazed at, if only we all were better stewards of our history.
8. Hustler Store -- Preferably in Mason, but that, again, is another type of guest and one that has a great sense of humor. It's part of our culture here, seriously.
9. Purple People Bridge -- If I can manage the time, a trip through Sawyer Point and across the bridge to #5 usually leaves people awe struck.
10. Fountain Square -- Again, because you kinda have to, don't you?
I know, there's probably nothing surprising on the list, but, I'll be honest, I have had a very small circle of existence since I stopped driving and haven't had much opportunity to explore as far afield as I would like.

So, there you go. As always, post your list in the comments, or a link to your own blog post.

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Brian said...

A topic near and dear to my heart! You've hit most of my favorite places to show visitors. I also like to bring them to Findlay Market, and to any local arts performances (be it my own Cincinnati Men's Chorus, the Know Theater, etc.).