Thursday, February 28, 2008

BLOGGING: New Additions!

Yea! I've added new blogs to the side roll. In fact, I've added a whole new category!!!! :-)

Under "My Fav's" -- you'll find those blogs/pages I check out on a daily basis, or, at least, semi-daily. Since I last updated, I have added: Larry Lyons Experience (gay black blog), Living Out Loud (gay black blog), Jacki Danicki (mainly because she and I have a fierce Scrabulous competition going on... I swear I'm not cheating... I promise I'll tell you why I'm getting better so quickly, my dear), and Queen City Survey (I feel like I know this guy... he's started reading and commenting -- thanks DAN!)

And, the new section is the "Cincinnati Blogs" section. Well, you can check out those. Some of them are really good. The Daily Bellwether has been referenced here before... but it seems to be one of the bigger blogs in the city. One of my new favorite blogs that I just discovered today is the Black Cincinnati blog. He's an angry black activist. I'm an angry queer. I'm sure we'll get along really well.

Be sure to check out my new friends!


Jackie said...

I'm onto you, buddy! Thanks for all the fun. :)

Dan said...

Thanks man! We've probably seen each other at the bar and never knew it.