Thursday, February 28, 2008

CINCY GAY SCENE: Local Queer Bloggers

Because I'm a big supporter of my sistah's... I want to announce the newest local queer blogger, my dear friend Jazmine (you may know her from a variety of my blogs as "TY").

Welcome to the Vinyl Polis

She joins (from what I've noticed)

Juliet and Juliette
Penny Tration
Queen City Survey (even if he's not, he posted a blog about a drag show... I'm making you an honorary queen, darling)

Are there any other local queer bloggers that I'm missing? Does anyone know of anyone else? Any willing to come out?


Dan said...

That's too funny . . I like to consider my blog "Architectural" or "Cincinnati centric" that happens to be written by a gay man. :) I'd be lying if the "Queen City" reference wasn't code.

Barry Floore said...

I mean, right. I wouldn't have even called you out had you not posted about the drag show. LOL

Dan said...

The drag show was just too damn funny not to mention!

Anonymous said...

Could it be true, Juliet and Juliette, the only lesbian blog in Cincy? So, this means all the women will gravitate to me, right?

Thanks for getting all of our blogs out there!