Thursday, February 28, 2008

ELECTION 2008: Male Genitalia

Every time I see John McCain I think of the line from Legally Blonde: The Musical ...

Phallocentric war machine


John Seiler (the source of the picture to the left) seems to think that there's a possibility of the draft coming back.

They've been saying that for years.

And, besides, I turn 26 in October, I become no longer eligible unless they get in REAL dire straits with the draft.


Oh, but much sadness to all you poor under 25's tuning in.

LOL -- "Queer? You're a queer? Well, here's a gun, there's front line, try not to die."


Anonymous said...

Did Disney rip off the placement/background of that jutting rock for Mufassa?

Barry Floore said...

From the day we arrived on the planet.