Monday, February 25, 2008

CINCY GAY SCENE: Follow up to Oxford Show

People who do not have access to Facebook or Myspace have requested I post some pictures here of the most recent Oxford Show... HERE YA GO!!!!
Kristy Kay Karolina and Davey Cockett, both of the House of "O"

Davey Cockett, Mr. Magical Makeover 2008

Roman Hands

Coco Bliss, Kristy Kay Karolina, and 21st Birthday Girl (we spank -- and I will even teach you how on YouTube)

Anita Sativa, House of "O"

Kristy Kay Karolina

Clitty McPhearson -- first performance
Vivica LaCroix

Buster Hymen -- first performance

Jazmine Delicious, House of "O"

Dick Zenya, House of "O"

Kristy Kay Karolina

Kristy Kay Karolina in her favorite pose
Again, we raised $2500 for the Cincinnati chapter of PFLAG via the ISQCCBE. Thanks to all!!!

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