Thursday, February 28, 2008

PERSONAL: By my 26th birthday...

...I will be debt free.*

In the past few weeks, I've started overcoming a lot of my... problems. I'm feeling better. It's like I've come out of a cloud and realized "oh shit, kid, you got some stuff to do." And the depression? It's been at least a week before it hit me.

By October 12th, 2008... I'm 95% sure I can clear up: 3 credit cars, the 2005 tax "situation," and the back payments on my student loans and gas/electric. We're talking like... thousands of dollars.

I figure that since my 25th birthday was as decadent as it was... make my 26th my responsible birthday.

:-) I will be in school by then, after all.

Oh, and I want to have lost about 40lbs by then too... to about 175-180lbs.

And have my kitchen painted, with brand new (covered) sockets.

And have a new stove.

And quit smoking.

Ok, now I'm just being crazy. Let's leave it at the first four -- the debts cleared, the weight loss, the stove, and the kitchen painted with sockets.

I'll keep you updated.

OH! And PS --> to make a political connection, I wanted to make this clear: I am done with HOPING it will get better. Sometimes you gotta work. Sorry, Obama, I can't hope anymore. When you pray, move your feet.

*There are a couple of exceptions -- my house, my car (which will only have a year and a half left by then of a 5 year loan!!!!), the computer, and the 2006 tax "situation" will not be cleared. That's stuff for once I get the free capital.

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