Thursday, February 28, 2008

OHIO/CINNKY/ELECTION 2008: Bill Cunningham

(picture of Bill Cunningham, WLW 700 conservative radio hostess, pic via CityBeat -- ha! in 1996, he was rated as the number one "person to go" amongst Cincy personality by CityBeat's readers)

The point of this story is fun. I'm sure you've heard by now about the non-story that is Bill Cunningham "warming up the crowd" here in grand ol'Cincinnati where he referred to Obama as "Barack Hussein Obama" something like 16 times. It's not really a story, everyone knows that right? We understand that this didn't matter right?

But what's funny about it:

1) Even though John McCain distanced himself from Cunningham immediately following, guess what? Obama's middle name is back in the media. In a big way. John McCain doesn't take credit -- actually apologizes -- gets to throw a small town non-person under a bus, who becomes incensed at the slight (if he wasn't in it already), thus attacking Obama without hurting McCain.

2) Immediately after, Cunningham got to show up on some silliness over at Fox Noise (I love Keith Olbermann, btw), and refer to the Republican party as the "conservative party." Is it a different party now? Did I miss that at some point???

Anyways, Bill Cunningham is an ass, and the attacks against Obama has just begun. HA! And Matt Drudge cracks me up. He's so smart. He nearly took down one Clinton... (That whole Obama in a turban story is also a non-story.)

And this is the funniest picture I have ever seen... I love it (those are Hill's shoes btw).


valereee said...

Love the shot of Bill & Hill's shoes!

Barry Floore said...


Isn't it FABULOUS! We gotta work on her shoes though.