Tuesday, February 19, 2008

POLITICS: Goodbye, Fidel

Fidel Castro, after nearly 50 years of being "El Presidente" is stepping down from his role of authority in Cuba.

So, to honor him, QitC found funny pictures of him.


I call it "L'il Presidente"

Fidel, imagine the balls are the heads of people who snubbed you in high school . And, apparently, when you're a communist dictator (who, btw, may actually have been validly re-elected to his office the few times that happened), teeth whitening and/or brushing is not required.

Here, Fidel imitates the thousands of Cuban refugees falling upon American soil for the first time. I think he broke his arm...

Ping Pong Fidel! Doesn't he look like that guy off Seinfeld?

Fidel's imitation of Bill Clinton

As young man. Now, remember, folks, when you're out chasing tail and you see that REALL good looking guy (like my "brah" Fidel in his younger years), remember, this is what he will turn out to be:

(And, in case you're wondering, his friends... well, they're gonna turn out to look like ol'Hugo there)

Excepting the clearly photoshopped background -- are they doing KARAOKE?

And this is Fidel with his brother Raoul, the new El Presidente (maybe he should be called "L'il Presidente"), looking FIERCE in matching army-chic. You know, Raoul is about 300X more unattractive to look at, but it lends much better to sultry bedroom chat. "Oh, Raoul..." (vs. "Oh, Fidel...")

NOT Fidel

And, finally, for all the nerds out there who will appreciate the irony in this...

Oh Fidel! We knew you so well!!!


Anonymous said...

Brilliance! Stumbled on this while looking for pics for my Fidel Castro report...Got a few laughs out of me!

Unknown said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by!!! Yea, I giggled while making it!!!