Friday, February 22, 2008

GENERAL STUFF: Star Wars fandom

(via Neatorama)

(picture from... FOX News??? -- my high school journalism teacher would have a COW with this picture because, according to the laws of layout, people in pictures should be facing the INTERIOR of your newspaper page to draw attention inward... I'm not joking, ask anyone who's worked on a newspaper)

Mental_floss posted this blog regarding rabid Star Wars fans and the ongoing inconsistencies they like to point out in movies.

If you run into somebody who tells you they thought the franchise was quite enjoyable, and they very-much liked the originals as well as the prequels, and even own everything on DVD, and a few of the books, these imposters are not Star Wars Fans.

Star Wars fans hate Star Wars.

And, yes, this blog is posted exclusively for the benefit of my dear Charleston nerds.


TopherMaconga said...

that picture in the mental floss article? i have the poster on my wall.

Barry Floore said...

i knew you were a nerd