Saturday, February 16, 2008

BLOGGING: WTF is going on with QITC

I've been blogging a lot lately. I'm enjoying it.

A couple quick things to update you on "where we are:"

1) We are about to pass the 500-viewer mark. I think that's kind of exciting.

2) I'm delving into the world of RSS and . . . I think. TY is going to explain how this helps and what it does exactly in the next few days.

3) I've reorganized the blogs. There are now "SuperLabels" and "Labels" (I was inspired by the presidential candidate nominating process). Because I now have listed off the archives (to the right of the blog) so that you can see the titles of the blogs, I have placed the SuperLabel for each individual blog in front of the titles so you know what the general category is. As of right now, there are 12 "SuperLabels."

  • Blogging -- 6
  • Cincy Gay Scene -- 8
  • Politics -- 5
  • Gay Stuff -- 12
  • General Stuff -- 7
  • Personal -- 9
  • Pop Culture -- 5
  • Environment -- 1
  • Law -- 2
  • Fagwatch -- 2
  • Election 2008 -- 16
The "Labels" are varied and include things like George W. Bush, Vaccine (as in HIV/AIDS), Merck (there are two labels), heteronormativity, gay marriage, and the names of people involved in the blog. I don't know if you care at all, but I'm going to try it.

4) I have, in fact, received my computer -- minus the speakers and the cable that's supposed to connect the printer to the computer -- however, I am not currently on it, and I will not even be able to set it up until Monday or Wednesday due to an exhausting work schedule. The children living in my house hate me right now, because they can't use the nice new computer yet... and that makes me smile for some reason. :-)

5) I'm printing off cards to advertise my blog. I just want someone to talk to :-). It will probably be ready by the next Oxford show on the 22nd. I need a big audience to start spreading the love with. And it worked so well with the gonorrhea to have a big group around...

6) I have over 30 blogs from this month alone -- I am typing fiercely these days.

7) Something's up with the formatting on blogs with pictures in them. It's starting to annoy me.

That's all for now... but I'm at Job#3 for another 5.5 hours, so you may hear from me again real soon!

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