Friday, February 15, 2008

ELECTION 2008: Selling Hope

First off, I love it that the internet has made the idea of "private content" non-existant. For example, a respected Washington Post columnist (that is also published in the Enquirer) has his articles posted all over the web -- thus not requiring me to be a Washintong Post subscriber.

Like here, reposted at Real Clear Politics.

Though I've actually called it -- I am guessing that Obama will likely be the Democratic nominee for the President, though I am still a huge Hillary supporter -- Charles Krauthammer (ha, when I do porn, I want my name to be Chuck Kraut-hammer) here says very nicely what I've been saying all along: Obama talks (and looks) pretty, but there's nothing there.

A) We still know very little about him as a politician. What does he stand for? How are his plans going to work? Have you read his plans? No? Because they're little more than "work together" and "hope." Blah blah blah. I liked Clinton's comment today in response to most of what he says -- "do you want speeches or solutions."

B) There's nothing to criticize him on because he's been around for so little time. Well, at least, not yet. The media has yet to start scrutinizing him -- he's the golden boy at the moment. I'm coining a new term -- deanscream -- you know, that one unintentional move you thought would be great that inadvertently destroys your political career/campaign. Do you remember Dean, the current chairman of the DNC? Yea, remember how he was the golden boy of the media until his own deanscream (the origination of the word). Two points here:

B-1) What happens at Obama's deanscream when he's suddenly the nominee? Obama has less political experience than Dean did.

B-2) The primaries are where golden boys are made -- ie, Obama and McCain. What happens in the real race when the gloves come off? Obama has poo-poo'd Clinton's attacks as "oh that's just not fair" or "oh, she's just being the bitch she's always been" or "this is just an example as politics as usual." Well, you don't get to be president without going through politics as usual. He's not going to be able to brush everyone aside forever. Remember, right now, he's talking to people who like him... the Democrats. What happens when the Republicans stop fighting internally and start fighting him? They have some dirty tricks, and, guess what, McCain is more politics as usual than Clinton is.

C) George W. Bush was elected in a cult of personality -- Obama seems dangerously close to the left's answer. The right has already pointed to him as the most liberal Senator currently serving. It seems like once they latch onto that, it's going to be just as divisive as before.

I'm sorry, kids. I'm worried about the man. If he's the nominee, I'll support him and I'll put my Obama sticker on my car, but...

I want to vote for a politician for a political office. A lot of dictators were great orators, too.

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