Tuesday, February 26, 2008

GAY STUFF: Another dead queer

The Rod2.0 blog is the originator of this story, but here it is in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and here it is at the local news station, News10.

Simmie Lewis Williams, 17 year old gay transvestite, was shot after an argument on the street. It's being investigated as a hate crime by the Ft. Lauderdale police.

The family was aware of Simmie's orientation (and were supportive), but not of his crossdressing.

This is getting a lot of play on blogs these days. But it still makes me angry that the gay orgs are ignoring it. And I can tell you this now: we were disappointed with the polticians' silence on Lawrence King? Ha! We'll be lucky if we hear ANYTHING from them on this one.

Another dead queer. This time, black, differently engendered. And, guess what, he was out at night.

I suppose they'll say he deserves it.

Of course, coming along with this, I found the story of Rashawn Brazell, who got very little play in the media either despite a GRUESOME murder. (Note the wonderful memorial at the Larry Lyons Experience from 2005).

They don't deserve it. They, too, need to be heard about. They, too, need their moment and their mourning.

But no one will come to their sides. They, like so many, will lie dead, and no one will remember them.

Goodbye, Simmie. I've met so many like you.

And I love you all.

Goodbye, Simmie.

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