Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gay March on Washington

This seems to be firing up for a fun little debate...
Now, at least one new group wants another march on Washington, D.C. But others are expressing doubt as to how successful Yes on Gay Marriage, the new group, can be.

Kelley Moran, an organizer with Yes on Gay Marriage, said it was formed to work for marriage in all 50 states and recognition by the federal government.

It's "imperative as a community that we stand up for our civil rights and go to Washington, D.C. and ask for [the Defense of Marriage Act] to be overturned," said Moran, who's openly gay and president of Moran and Associates, a Sacramento-based agency that works in political consulting, public affairs, and other areas.

Moran said Yes on Gay Marriage has a list of several hundred LGBT groups that they're contacting and his organization will be meeting with others in January to discuss a strategic plan.

If you read the rest of the article here, then you'll see that there is a divided feeling on this particular movement.

The problem with divided feeling is that, without consensus of some sort, or at least overwhelming public support... it will fail. The people organizing this need to court the big groups first and then move from there.

I want to see this happen. But I want to see it be a success.

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