Thursday, January 8, 2009

GSA's Make Schools Safer

This is a testament to all the hard work that GLSEN does in this country:
High schools with gay-straight alliances may be safer places for homosexual, bisexual and transgender youth, new research suggests.

The 2007 National School Climate Survey: The Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth in Our Nations Schools was conducted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network known as GLSEN, a New-York-based national education association.

This survey found that when high schools had such alliances, these students reported hearing fewer homophobic comments and experiencing less harassment or assaults because of their sexual orientation or gender expression than students attending schools without gay-straight alliances. They also said they felt more of a sense of belonging to their school. Yet only just over a third of surveyed students surveyed reported that they had such an alliance at their school.
I grew up in the south and attempted to start a GSA at my high school. When it was pushed aside, I stopped trying and it would be years later, when I had the opportunity to help Boone County High School found their GSA, before that guilt left me. I always knew it would be good, but I just didn't know what I know now about the law and the importance of having a place for kids to go.

I have so much respect for all of the kids all over this country who fight in their high schools for equality and acceptance.

Thank you for the work that you do.

If you would like to become involved in creating safe schools, please contact GLSEN Cincinnati. They are an amazing group of people that are really truly working their tails off to make sure that we don't have gay kids growing up knowing only hate. You can tell 'em sent you. They'd love that.

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Wonder Man said...

It's sad to see the stats when there is no support