Thursday, January 8, 2009

Follow up to Homoterrorism

We talked about a few gay bars receiving ricin threats against their customers.

It appears that, rather than terrorizing people, it's encouraging people to go out and support their local establishment:
"This isn't a time to be tossing attitude at them, or encouraging people to stay away," wrote Savage, a leader in the gay community both here and around the world. "I'm going to Purr and Madison Pub for drinks after work, and will hit 'em all on the Pub Crawl later this week."

Several Stranger readers followed suit, pledging to visit the bars despite the threats.

"I wasn't going to go out this weekend, but hell yeah," wrote one. "I'm joining that bar crawl and I'm going to show this 'person' that they cannot scare us."

Others took the opportunity to remind neighbors to watch their drinks, and be safe.

"My gut tells me this clown is trying to kill business at these bars, not actually kill the patrons," wrote another reader.
Though I guess it's not a stretch to ask gay men to go drinking. :-) We call it "barstool activism." And it's fabulous. Drink and change the world.

If only more things were like that in life.

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