Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Via the Stranger...

Eleven bars in Seattle received this letter this week:

Really? Come on. That's just silly. The fun thing about terrorism is that the whole intent is to create fear.

That's what this guy is doing, creating fear.

I mean, I hope he doesn't do it :-), but, in all likelihood, it's a bluff.

All in all, though, it's quite scary. What a sick, sick, sick individual that would perpetuate this. Am I just helping, though?


valereee said...

Good god.

You know, one of the more distressing aspects of this is that judging by his writing, he apparently isn't just some illiterate yahoo. How is it that after all the evidence to the contrary I still always expect intelligent, educated people to think like I do?

Wonder Man said...

I hope this is a hoax

Barry Floore said...

HA. I have the same misconception, valeree... Sadly.

And, undoubtedly, a hoax.