Monday, January 5, 2009

Straight men, too, are safe from harassment

I've been saying for years that sexual orientation protects heterosexuals too, but no one's been listening... except in Great Britain.

Britain’s Court of Appeal has reversed a lower court ruling that had said a man was not entitled to file a homophobic harassment case against his former employer because he is heterosexual.

Stephen English says he was forced to quit his job at an awning manufacturer because the company refused to stop workers from calling him a faggot and other gay slurs.
Question: How does the right twist this? How do they make it about them? I'm betting it'll be some needling diatribe about how it's unfair to assume about people's sexual orientation, and how this is the just shows that the homosexual agenda has taken away straight men's god given right to wear Lycra shorts at gay events.

Jeez... these homosexuals and their Lycra shorts!

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