Wednesday, February 11, 2009


In honor of Jon Kopphaver (aka, "War Machine") getting arrested for attacking a bouncer outside of a gay bar in Las Vegas ("it's ... straight friendly" -- WHAT?), he becomes our boy for Wednesday.

Remember, he's not gay (as every website will remind you).

Remember, the MMA is NOT GAY. What is the gay equivalent, btw, for a "butterface?"

But more "not gay" MMA fighting:

PS Does anyone else feel like MMA is just an excuse for straightish men to live out some Fight Club fantasy without being called a douche for it?


Jere Keys said...

Ha ha, Krave... overpriced drinks and a swanky Las Vegas Strip location so out-of-town gays can be as much a touristy douchebag as the straight frat boys! I left Vegas about 3 months after it opened, but my last LV Pride had a big party there before they worked out all the kinks.

Anonymous said...

He's alright. But no matter how hot someone is, that dreaded cauliflower ear is a HUGE turnoff. At least Rich Franklin doesn't have it, YET.

Jeffery said...

I tell my nephews, who are fans, this is the gayest 'straight' sport out there. Half-naked, sweaty men beating the shit out of each other. Mmmmm dreamy.