Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Equal Marriage Updates

A few things floating out on the web today, just a quick run down:
  • Maine: Opponents to equality have announced that they have reached the 55,000+ signatures necessary to force a "People's Veto" referendum on the equal marriage law in that state. A rarely used law -- less than 30 times in the state's history -- allows the voters to veto any law put into place by the legislature. The movement is being spearheaded by the group, Stand for Marriage Maine. Per polls, Maine would have a rough fight at the polls as, though the legislature voted for it, the voter base is slightly against it. The ME law is due to go into effect Sept. 12, though will be delayed if the signatures are filed.
  • Massachusetts: The Attorney General of Massachusetts has filed one of the strongest federal suits against the Defense of Marriage Act, claiming that it interferes with states' "soverign authority to to define and regulate marriage." LawDork, 2.0 has a great run down of the suit, including a copy of the suit.
  • New Hampshire: Gov. John Lynch is experiencing a bit of a polling backlash after signing the equal marriage bill into law. His numbers have dropped to a measly 62%. Actually, the change may make him vulnerable as it will be the first time in his whole tenure where his approval rating dropped below 70%. Kevin Smith of Cornerstone Policy Research has this to say: "The governor assured voters time and time again that he did not support gay marriage, but when it reached his desk he broke his word to the voters... What we're seeing here is a trend where this governor is really tied into the far left wing of his party. And people are now starting to wake up to that fact, and that's why his poll numbers are dropping."
  • New York: Former Democratic gubernatorial primary candidate, Tom Suozzi, has come out in favor of full marriage equality. Meanwhile, rumors are growing that the Republicans in the state senate of this state forced the gay marriage issue in an orchestration of the recent Republican coup. WTF is up in NY?
And, finally, the National Education Association, the nation's largest union, has come out in supprt of equal marriage. From the notes of the 2009 Representative Assembly:
NEA will support its affiliates seeking to enact state legislation that guarantees to same-sex couples the right to enter into a legally recognized relationship pursuant to which they have the same rights and benefits as similarly-situated heterosexual couples, including, without limitation, rights and benefits with regard to medical decisions, taxes, inheritance, adoption, and immigration.
They also support anti-discrimination.

Though, I will say, it's nice that everyone seems to be on our side, the question is when will someone show some leadership?


Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Thanks for the updates! Its so nice to have all of these found in one place.

Wolfie said...

Yes barry it is. You are Wooooooooooooooooooooonderful!