Sunday, July 12, 2009

Le Jazz Hot

Victor/Victoria is my mother's favorite musical. Apparently, when we were little (it came out the same year I was born), my mother got so frustrated, handed the two of us -- my brother and I -- off to my dad, told him to take the day off from work, and went to the movies by herself. She stumbled into this flick completely by accident and it was played at least 2-3/year in my house ever since.

Needless to say, my mother made me gay.

And possibly a drag queen:

If you haven't figured this out, I sit at my desk and listen to Sirius's Broadway channel. I post musicals when I hear one that I'm like, "God, I love that song." Right now, I'm working on Cool Summer and trying to figure out a few things about Texas (a few things, and one thing about Salt Lake City)... and I thought I'd share happiness rather than sadness.


Wolfie said...

Okay so that explains it.

But darling you are not even close to the greatness that is Leslie Anne Warren in that film. Totally overlooked for an Oscar!

Jere Keys said...

With my mother, it was "Funny Girl" - and in addition to watching it all the time, the soundtrack played on every car trip for years.