Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yea! Wearing What Wednesday is back -- the last post was June 10th, if you can believe it. See, there's this new hot-and-botheredness growing over Ryan Reynolds because he's partially naked in his new movie, The Proposal. And apparently he had some recent cover shoot which brought all the boys to the yard because of his sheer gorgeousness.

And can I say that I have been a huge fan of the man ever since Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place. I certainly never watched that sitcom for his acting. And now since he looks like this:

But Mr. Reynolds is not shy in front of the camera, as per this scene from Buying the Cow:

Which is really the whole reason I posted this blog this morning. But, for your hot blog of the week? You have to admit it (otherwise, I'm calling you a liar) that you've had a crush on a hot cartoon or superhero at some point in your life.

Thank god there's the Shirtless Superheroes blog to remind us just how hot and how dirty that makes us all feel. :-) That's Peter Parker in the picture, btw.

And to my readers who love the hairy types: I recommend LifeLube's WOOF WEDNESDAY's. Trust.

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