Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ten on Tuesday (On Wednesday): Cody's 10 Places

Well, due to the fact that I have a job and a boyfriend an hour away from my summer home in Hamilton, I've had very little time to keep up appearances online lately. Currently, I have a couple weeks off work though, so I have some time to kill before dinner...

Considering I split my time between the whole of Butler County and the whole of Hamilton County, I'll combine my top-10 places for both (in an itinterary order):

Beginning in Butler County and heading south:

1.)State Line Rd. west of Oxford, OH. Quaint, very photogenic area on the OH-IN border. Dead-straight road (with a couple chicanes) and flat-land for miles (lots of cornfields and such). Great place to photograph incoming storm-fronts.

2.)Quick stop at Coldstone Creamery in Oxford for ice-cream. Great treats!

3.)Holiday Drive-In (north side of Hamilton) stop to see a small collection of vintage GMC buses a friend of mine owns. (I'm such a GEEK)

4.)Miami Woods in Hamilton (my backyard ends into the woods). Walk the trails and check out the ruins of the old Streamas dairy farm (destroyed in the '20s or '30s by coal fire we think).

5.)Governor Bebb Park out in Okeana. Hooked up with a straight guy there one time. Nice rural park.

6.)Bellevue Park in Clifton. Great view of the city from the top of Clifton hill. Down off Ohio Ave. Very romantic at night.

7.)Gypsy Hookah Cafe on Calhoun St in Clifton. I LOVE HOOKAH and the Gypsy started it all. There's another hookah lounge 2 or 3 doors up the street that is legitly Indian and better lit. Kinda like The Dock and the Adonis of hookah bars respectively. I like the patronage of the Gypsy better, even though the service is kinda slow sometimes (but the shisha is more to my liking and doesn't bite as hard as the other lounge's.)

8.)Sawyer Point/Yeatman's Cove. Cool to be down on the river and also quite photogenic.

9.)Back to Clifton to grab a bite to eat at the Skyline at Clifton and Ludlow. Good food, great price, great people. And open whenever you want/need to eat!

10.)Hang in the Gaslight District on Ludlow. Neat shops, and a Graters and UDF... yummm! Might even drive down to Northside for some more fun afterwards.

The Seeker


Anonymous said...

You "summer" in Hamilton? Oh my.

The Seeker said...

Well I am a poor college student, so I'm forced to live at home in the summer...