Monday, July 13, 2009

On My Interview with David Krikorian

Long awaited post on my interview with Ohio's Second District presumption Democratic nominee in 2010, David Krikorian over at Rainbow Cincinnati. Your excerpt:
Krikorian dares to tell me, on one had, that he is the best hope for an LGBT friendly, electable candidate in the Second District, while, in the next breath, saying that he will not march in a parade and wave a flag. That kind of candidate -- he insists -- could never win the district, and hasn't yet. He speaks passionately that, no, he will never sign a Defense of Marriage Act; and then, when informed that no DOMA needs left to be signed on either the federal or state level, is willing to fess up to his own ignorance of all the issues and asks for more information.

As he gesticulated wildly with a soon-emptied coffee cup throughout our time together, I knew that I liked him and that he may be ballsy enough to win... and mayhap even do right by his queer constituents in the process.
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As always, check out the excellent content at Rainbow Cincinnati by clicking on the link below.


Anonymous said...

Former GOP, then independent -- this guy does not play well with others.

Jon said...

Thanks for talking to him! He's not there yet, but he has a staggering ability to learn quickly. He's also already garnered a lot of votes from the independents he will need to win.