Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I am only giving you a little bit of a sneak preview today, but I am warning you that this link is completely NSFW. Josh Duhamel -- all around hunk -- recently posed nude and the link will take you to pretty pictures of him with both full frontal and full rear nudity. Click at your will. I just thought you'd like to see. :-) Have a nice day, all.

As for your hot website of the week, I think we might have to go with the site that brings us this website:'s Eye Candy blog. Yet another, whenever-I-feel-like posting site of beautiful men, usually NSFW.

Again, you have been warned and I am not at fault if you decide to click on those links when it's inappropriate..., say, at work.

Do it at home. You'll have more time to enjoy it then, too.

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Jere Keys said...

FYI - the nude shots are not so "recent." I'm pretty sure they were taken before he got booked on "Las Vegas." Still, they haven't gotten old.