Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Prepare to Prevail: 2012 for Proposition 8?

A group of California rights groups have posted on "how to win back marriage equality in California." It is a daring document, given what seems to be the interest in taking equality back to the polls in 2010. Perhaps they are right:
Unlike Proposition 8 in 2008, any upcoming electoral campaign for marriage equality would be one of choice, not one of necessity in fending off an attack from religious-right foes. Timing is ours to determine. Going back to the ballot to remove the voter-imposed ban on same-sex marriage from the state constitution in 2010 would be rushed and risky. We should proceed with a costly, demanding, and high-stakes electoral campaign of this sort only when we are confident we can win. We should choose to Prepare to Prevail.

We have much work to do before we proceed to the ballot. Many of us, which includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) organizations and progressive allies, have been doing critical educational and organizing work for years, intensified it during the Prop. 8 campaign in 2008, and have continued to communicate with key constituencies after the election. We vow to intensify our efforts until we win back marriage equality in California. We invite all groups and individual leaders to sign on to this statement and join us in building a solid battle plan for equality. We must step up our work, collectively and in concert, as soon as possible.
It's for 2012, huh? Most of their reasons are around simple organizing coalitions and building support, as well as data collection/etc. A good portion, also, has to do with the realities of the ongoing economic recession.

Take a gander at the list of signatories which includes a lot of regional groups that I have never heard of. Nothing national signed on yet, except for local offices of nationals like the ACLU.

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