Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blogroll updates

It's been a long time since I've really written about updates to my blogroll, but I wanted to call out some new additions.
1. Cincinnati Beacon -- I got word today that we have been posted on the Cincinnati Beacon website! :-) That's really exciting, and, of course, I added the right back. 

2. Cory @ I'll Keep You Posted -- Local queer person of color. HA! I totally just subdivided you into your respective categories. LOL Do you feel marginalized? :-) He's fabulous and we met during the planning of the protest.

3. Expert in the Rough -- I don't know how I got this, but I like his little blog. It's very... inspirational.

4. -- Met these kids at the OTRTweetUp. I love a good video game nerd, so, of course, I love them. Though I'm still stuck on my GameCube.

5. Mr. Guilt's Blog -- Met him at the OTRTweetUp. 

6. Cincinnati Women Bloggers -- Written by some of my favorite bloggers of all time, and they are hosting a fabulous soiree on the 15th of December. Fun... the Monday after classes end. Of course I will be there. Duh.

7. the gay revolution -- you know Mama loves a goodlooking queer revolutionary. :-)

You'll also noticed I've rearranged the side bar so that the local queer bloggers come first (duh), and the Cincinnati bloggers second. The Cincy bloggers have been so fabulous and so wonderful, that I couldn't keep them on the bottom anymore.

As a nod to my dear friend TrevorHoppe ... not that there's anything wrong with being on the bottom.


Anonymous said...


Not sure of your real first name. Thanks for the mention on your blog. Nice to meet you at the OTRTweetup.

I am considering the Freestore foodbank blog competition. Is there a link to it.


Unknown said...

Of course darling, join us!!!!

It's HUGE!