Sunday, November 9, 2008

The pushback has all ready begun...

I'm going to start posting "hate" mail that we get about the upcoming protest -- this Saturday the 15th, 1:30pm, City Hall -- just so that you can see that there's a bit of pushback all ready. It's not really hate mail, but it shows a community still divided and questions still without answers (the following occured between our local organizer, Cameron, and a man on Facebook:

Today at 7:48pm
Equality? Sounds like its a search for special rights. Article 12 was repealed, isn't that enough? I'd rather not be part of a protected class.

Today at 7:59pm
I'd rather my rights be protected and not be ignored by my government. I'd like to know that if someone harmed me because of my sexual orientation, that my government would protect me. Because right now, it wouldn't. It's not a matter of special rights. It's letting people know that hatred in politics is unacceptable. And I'm sorry to hear that you're complacent with being discriminated against on a daily basis.

Today at 8:28pm
You know, its a crime to be harmed by someone else regardless as to why it happened. Harming another human being is punished by our legal system accordingly, "daily." I meet with over 200 current/potential customers each month. Never has my sexual orientation come up in conversation, nor should it. I and many of my friends and colleagues find Cincinnati and other major cities to be more pleasant each day. These arn't issues you can just force down peoples throats. Do you not agree that we've made huge strides considering it was only several years ago article 12 was in place? Isn't it possible that the progress of overcoming relevant issues is only pushed back by uniting in front of our city hall chanting with large colorful signs? Is that really going to change councils mind? Prepare for backlash. I would think tossing 1000 pages of signatures would convey the same point without all the drama. Worked for article 12. Wouldn't you want to be treated just like a normal Joe and not a medaling drama queen? Way to perpetuate a stereotype. To your indication that i'm discriminated against "daily," i cannot remember the last time I was discriminated against, honestly. I can't say its never happened, but its not happened to me within the past year. I think a congratulations is in order, not a complaint. Best of luck.

Today at 8:40pm
true. it is a crime to harm someone else. but if you look to incidents in which someone has been harmed because of their sexual orientation, judicial response has hardly been adequate. clearly, there is a need to specify minority groups under hate crimes legislation-- i dont think you can deny the necessity of hate crimes protecting racial or religious minorities. the interesting thing is, while hate crimes against racial and religious minorities are decreasing, hate crimes against the lgbtq community are on the rise.

i realize that not all of us experience overt discrimination on a daily basis. and thank god thats true. but the fact is, we live in a society in which the lgbtq community is seen as a deviation from normality and is often perceived to be a threat for no reason other than who we are sexually attracted to. people [maybe not you. but many, many other people] have lost their jobs because
they're gay.

certainly, i would like to be treated like a "normal joe" if i had the choice. however, when laws are being passed that specifically target the lgbtq community, there is no way i can be treated like that unless i work to change it.

the purpose of saturday is not to have gay marriage legalized in the morning. nor is it to "shove" our message down anyone's throat. it's merely to show the world that we don't accept messages of hate or discrimination under the law.

if this isn't something you support, thats fine. but please realize that for the majority of the lgbtq community, this is an issue that is of utmost importance.

Snarky moment: he said "shove it down people's throats" -- teehee

And one that came to me via Facebook:
honestly, the people voted, and what's done is done... get a civil union and move on...

It ain't over until I say it's over.

but the fat lady was done singing like last week sometime...

Not representative, a lot of positive responses... but, mainly, showing that we are no all of one mind. (And I don't like being referred to as the fat lady.)

As well we shouldn't be. That's kind of the point, though, isn't it?

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I have to work all day Saturday, or you could be sure I would be there. We really do need to get a beer together sometime and I'll tell you how this drama compares with Utah.

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