Thursday, November 6, 2008


Few people probably remember the random blogs I did on political issues, because I have mainly been talking about the Election. So, now that that's over, let's make some suggestions and offer some predictions of what will happen in the next two years...
  • ...Don't Ask, Don't Tell will be repealed... this will be pushed by Hillary Clinton.
  • ...ENDA will pass without gender identity and expression included (and we will all hate HRC a little more). 
  • ...Connecticut will start officially offering gay marriage, as will New York State (which will mean David Paterson will probably lose the governorship, and likely Rudy Giuliani will try to take the mansion) and probably one more (Vermont? Maryland? Illinois? Rhode Island? Oregon? which one are yall betting on???)
  • ...the tide of anti-gay marriage amendments will start turning and we will start defeating them as often as we are losing.
If the Dems retain Congress in 2010, then...
  • ....the 1996 Federal DOMA will be repealed.
  • ...ENDA will be amended to add gender identity and expression.
If Barack wins again a second term, by 2016, we will have...
  • ...full civil unions in the country and a legal marriage challenge.
What do you think? Bridges too far, or right on?


painted delivery said...
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painted delivery said...

Do you mean HRC (Human Rights Campaign) or HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton)?

Just checking...

(I wish you could edit comments).

Jere Keys said...

I think it will be a race between New York and New Jersey.

There are two important immigration issues that need to be resolved.

Within the first 2 years, I expect to see a full and total repeal of the laws that do not allow HIV positive people from immigrating to this country. To your prediction on civil unions, I'll add a law that recognizes same-sex relationships for transnational couples, allowing GLB couples to stay together if legally joined.

Quimbob said...

I really like most everything I have heard about Paterson. Giuliani was a one trick pony. It would be a shame to ditch Paterson for that egomaniac.
People in the US keep saying we are on the wrong track and keep squabbling over electing men/women/black/white.
Maybe we need to elect more "disabled" people.