Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My relationship with Equality Ohio ends now

So with the protest planning under full swing, most of the country angry about the outcome of Proposition 8, it seems natural that certain organizations would be approached about assistance. Equality Ohio, the perennially slow and reactive organization purporting to represent LGBT people in the state of Ohio, posted this on their blog:
We recognize and appreciate the need for the pro-equality community to come together and express outrage and anger over the decision of California’s voters. We honor the grassroots drive to create an opportunity through which people can come together and publicly share their emotions about last week’s vote and its impact across the nation. We are certain that through local volunteer actions the planned protests will experience significant community involvement and meet their desired goals. The boards and staff of Equality Ohio have decided that this is an effort best lead by grassroots leadership across the state and Equality Ohio will continue its efforts to leverage the political progress that we also garnered Election Day to create an Ohio where everyone can feel at home.
To the Board and Staff of Equality Ohio: All things being equal, I am still waiting for you to be of use to anyone but yourself. 

You'll notice that the EHEA logo has been pulled off of this site, which was theirs. A new one will replace it soon. 

I think their decision is a pity and made perfectly clear their ability to represent anyone. Even if it is a failure, there clearly is an interest in something happening. I have yet to hear of much Equality Ohio is doing in thie state except raising money for themselves. 

J'accuse, Eq. OH.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. When I read that earlier today, my immediate interpretion was we think what's happening is great but we're not getting involved.

The Seeker said...

Gee, what a fabulously helpful organization...
Barry, the more we talk about this issue the more bitter I'm becoming... Look at what you're doing to me man... jeez! lol