Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Updates on the Protest

I thought it only fair to update all of you what's going on with this weekend's protest for Equal Marriage and against Proposition 8...

This is the email I sent out today to the Facebook group:


Ok, so I walk away from my computer last night to, you know, sleep, and then go to school...

On my lunch break today, I have emails coming out the wazoo, and text messages, and comments on our little event page, and on the blog... I almost can't believe it!

So, this is where Cameron Tolle (our fearless leader) has been and will be on the radio...

THIS MORNING... Cameron was on WMUB (www.wmub.org), the NPR station in Oxford. . . and the interview went SO WELL they are canceling their Friday morning (9a-10a) show to JUST feature him and our "ace in the hole" in Oxford, Lia Hazel, about the protest

TOMORROW... THE EDGE in New York City is interviewing Cameron as a feature (http://www.edgenewyork.com/)

Also, this is where we are popping up online and around town:

CITY BEAT (!!!!!): http://www.citybeat.com/cincinnati/blog-196-equal-marriage.html

CINCINNATI BLOG (biggest blog in the city): http://cincinnati.blogspot.com/

BLOGGING ISN'T COOL (local quasi-political blog): http://quimbob.blogspot.com/

ALSO, our press release -- Cincinnati's -- is being sent out to all the localities that are organizing as a model (for the original, check out my blog -- queercincinnati.com).

We are getting some insane coverage, and our very own Chris G. is getting it sent out through another set of sources so you better BELIEVE that you'll see the word get passed anymore.

Tell us if you have seen us anywhere else!!!

Please, keep inviting your friends, print off and post the protest flyer. Refer them back to the facebook page, the queercincinnati.com or julietandjuliette.com blogs (your local LGBT bloggers), or to any of the fabulous people you see organizing. . . Or, tell them that YOU are going because YOU believe in Equal Marriage.

If you are not a Cincinnatian, there are GREAT protests going on all over the country. Please check jointheimpact.com to see what's going on in YOUR hometown.

This is going to happen and it's going to be HUGE HUGE HUGE, rain or shine. Bring signs, bring noisemakers, wear supportive shirts and hats...

We will update you on what you need to be ready for that day and post-protest plans closer to Saturday.

I feel like we need a theme song :-). You guys are AMAZING.

Thank you!

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valereee said...

I still can't believe it. California? WTF?